PRESS RELEASE: New TQC Sheen Automatic cupping tester

The new TQC Sheen Automatic cupping tester offers optimal conditions to define the resistance of paint, varnish or related products to cracking and/or detachment from a metal substrate by visual assessment. The instrument subjects the test specimen to gradual deformation by indentation.

The new cupping tester complies to many international standards, including EN-ISO 1520 and DIN 53156. EN-ISO 1520 requires panels to be deformed slowly at a steady rate between 0.1 mm/s and 0.3 mm/s without interruption. Especially with thicker steel panels hand-operated testers not always allow an uninterrupted deformation. The deformation speed of the TQC Sheen Automatic cupping tester can be set from 0.01 – 0.6 mm/s on steel panels (max. panel thickness 0.8 mm), and even to 0.7 mm/s on aluminium panels (max. panel thickness 1.2 mm).

Easy to operate
The TQC Sheen Automatic cupping tester is equipped with Triple I® Navigation: Intelligent Illumination Interface. The interface only illuminates active operating buttons, resulting in a very intuitive operating system which is enhanced with information on the machine’s full color display. Statistics are shown after each run or each set number of runs. Setup in Custom mode can optionally be password-protected. During the test the indenter can be paused / continued.

Focus on visual assessment
To guarantee maximum visibility of all possible types of colored samples, the sample illumination color can be changed to achieve maximum contrast. Strength of the LED’s is adjustable as is the direction of the light source. The TQC Sheen Automatic cupping tester is supplied with an optical tool support rod and mount, on which the optional USB Digital microscope can be mounted. With its 20-200 times magnification, you can determine the fine structure of surfaces.

At you can find out more about the new Automatic cupping tester, or you can send a request to [email protected].

TQC Sheen (paint test equipment) is part of the Industrial Physics Inks and Coatings Division, as are C&W Specialist Equipment (corrosion – and environmental test cabinets) and Fibro system (measurement equipment for dynamic surface properties). Headquarters are situated in The Netherlands, and the brands are worldwide represented by local distributors.