Industrial Physics Inks & Coatings Segment
The Industrial Physics Inks & Coatings segment offers instrumentation for the test, measurement and analyses of inks, coatings and general surface treatments. Our products are used across many industries ranging from coating manufacturing, infrastructure and automotive to marine, beverage and canning and general production. Brands in this segment include TQC Sheen (coating test equipment), C&W Specialist Equipment (corrosion and environmental test cabinets), Fibro system (measurement equipment for dynamic surface properties) and Sheen Instruments (viscosity measuring instruments).

TQC Sheen
The TQC Sheen brand is known for innovative paint test equipment. TQC Sheen offers a wide variety of products, including a range of washability testers, appearance meters, coating thickness gauges, automatic film applicators and bresle patches. All products are designed to meet the highest quality standards.

C&W Specialist Equipment
C&W corrosion and environmental test cabinets are designed to continuously deliver the environmental test conditions demanded by modern industry. Through reliability, ease of operation and robust construction, C&W test cabinets have gained worldwide acceptance with applications in all major sectors of automotive manufacture as well as the paint, surface and coatings, chemical, electronics, aerospace, military and offshore industries.

Fibro system
Fibro system develops innovative technology to measure dynamic surface properties of materials. Examples include contact angle, absorption, dimensional stability, smoothness, print quality and moisture. Featured products are the Pocket goniometer PGX + and the dynamic absorption tester DAT.

Sheen Instruments
Ever since 1947, Sheen Instruments offers viscosity measurement solutions, which nowadays are used worldwide in laboratories and production facilities. The viscosity range covers viscosity cups according to many standards and electronic devices for viscosity measurement of Newtonian or Non-Newtonian fluids for R&D, QC, or consistency analysis.